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i even thought it was simple, to say the things i wanted to say (06)

Not much to say, just that I am really starting to get sick of school. I can't wait until summer. I hate how mine and Jimmy's locker are right next to eachother. I see him every day after every class, with alex, less than a foot away from me. I mean I'm glad they aren't acknowledging me but I hate being ignored by them, well atleast by Jimmy. I could seriously care less about Alex. I guess I kind-a still like him... alot. The sad thing is, I know he can tell that I do. I don't know if I told any of you but I'm going to the states for a few weeks in summer. All over too, New York to California. I'm way excited, I leave in June.

So I went to the dot today for a little bit, nonetheless it was boring. They called me to set up an interview yesterday. The interview its self was today. Cheeto-lady said she'd call me back tomorrow to let me know if I got it or not.

Someone have a party tonight. Yes, on a week day.
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