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But my god it's so beautiful when the boy smiles (01)

Of course you all knew you would end up seeing me on here because I'm apparently such a follower and everything. I'm not, I'm not However that's not the case, but I'll save the real reasoning anyways.

For any of you new to Degrassi or aren't quite sure who I am, I'm Hazel Aden. I'm 17 years old, in grade 11, and I'm on the spirit squad. You'll usually find me roaming the halls with Paige, Ashley, Spinner, Marco, and Jimmy right by my side. I have an incredible boyfriend Jimmy whom I have been dating for several months and things are still going strong. I recently took up yoga classes on the weekends, so that consumes a few hours of my time as well. I tend to get jealous really easily and am known for not speaking up enough.

So I hung out with Terri today, she seems to like the new school she's at. We went to see 'A lot like love' which was the best movie out there in my opinion, but honestly it was just great to get to talk to her again. We caught up on alot of gossip and other things.

Jimmy just called me a little bit ago so I'm going to end this so I can actually give him my full attention. Give me a call tomorrow if you'd want to get together to do something. Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams.
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