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i don't believe that anyone feels the way i do about you now (07)

I GOT THE JOB! But no one can know, no one can ever know that I work at the Dot. I have to avoid seeing Spinner somehow. I'll find a way.

So um, I'm practically failing Mrs. Kwan's class. Yeah me and language artslanguage arts and I don't really mix together that well. I have a D and I am at risk for being kicked off the spirit squad. However I talked to Ms. Sauve and she said that if I could somehow raise my grade in that class to atleast a mid-C then I can stay on the spirit squad. So um, anyone want to tutor me? Yeah that would be GREAT.

I went to a party with Terri last night, it was someone from her school's party. It was fun, I drank a little bit though so I was kind of hungover today. I met some guy there, and um, well let's see what happens. The truth is that I am SO not over Jimmy.

Another party tonight :) the guy's going to be there.
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