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And I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you (05)

It feels great to know that when I've been worrying at problems at home, my boyfriend ex-boyfriend has been cheating on me with Alex. I don't know, I don't even know how I should respond. Why didn't he tell me in the first place? I feel like I was lied to, partically because I was. Okay so that's like what, 11 months down the drain? I wasted about a year of my life. But enough about that, it doesn't matter.

So I went shopping with Terri earlier today. It was a huge success, atleast for her, all i bought was a drink. I bought a ton of clothes, makeup, about everything you could imagine. It was about $200 all together, but hey I can afford it. Except not. My mother and I still aren't talking. I actually went out and applied for a job yesterday. What she said to me a week ago really got to me. I applied at the Dot, I saw Spinner there but I hope he didn't see me. Hazel Aden having a JOB is not exactly something cool. I should be getting a call in a few day's though for an interview.

Better go, I keep procrastinating and I still have Kwan's 4 page paper to write. Yeah I know, it's due tomorrow first hour.
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